You want to feel better.  I can help.

I am so happy you are visiting!  I hope that we can work together.  While my “home page” is dedicated to clients in recovery, I work with all ages and stages of life. Please use the pulldown menu for non-recovery options like children, teens, adults, LGBTQ, mindfulness.

I am also a trained EMDR therapist, allowing us to reprocess disturbing events and/or memories, allowing for decreased difficulties and emotional pain, and increase in feeling stronger and happier, less burdened by things that have happened in your life.


You’re in recovery. That is awesome!  Congratulations. 

If you’re NEW TO RECOVERY, maybe a “Pandora’s box” of feelings and REALITY has been BLOWN open. You sometimes think, “I can’t handle this, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through this.” And although it’s usually better than the pain of being “out there”, it can be overwhelming. You may feel anxious, angrier than you are used to, or think you “should” be; You may feel fine one day and then terrible the next, baffled and upset by all the feelings going on inside.  You may compare yourself to others in recovery who seem to be happier and you’re jealous and confused, sometimes even despairing.  It’s hard not to turn on yourself with self-hatred or self-pity. You’re like a boat without a rudder. Let’s help you get steady.

 You’re SOBER FOR A LONG TIME – fabulous! But you are having a hard time…maybe a really hard time. You may be thinking, “In all my years clean and sober, I never have felt this much pain. How could this be happening after all the work I’ve done on myself. Maybe I’m too damaged. I must be doing something wrong.  My life is good, right?”

It is not uncommon for people with long term recovery to face daunting life situations and/or feel old traumas come to bare in a new way.  In fact, it’s more common than you might think.  The emotional availability that long term recovery often brings sometimes invites feelings and memories that were not possible to access before.  This is usually good news and an opportunity for healing.

 You want to stop feeling broken and defective. You want to feel comfortable in your own skin, safe. You want to feel “normal” and not feel like a scared child all the time.  You want to stop feeling so baffled by yourself and make better decisions.

It can be hard to find a therapist who “gets” you, and understands all that recovery involves. 

 I can help you find emotional relief.  My office is warm and cozy and I am consistently told that I am a very “safe” person.  I offer compassion, an upbeat, friendly energy, gentle, insightful observations, humor, hard-earned wisdom, consistent steady support and no judgment. Together, and at your pace, we will explore, uncover and navigate the internal experiences that are confusing and painful to you. It’s like taking a flashlight and going into dark a room you’ve been avoiding or that scares you. I am not afraid of going to the darker places. That is sometimes where the best stuff is!  I am also trained in trauma recovery (EMDR).  If there are some traumas and/or losses that have been or continue to be painful triggers, I can help you resolve and integrate them.

 You develop a greater capacity to feel your feelings, not be threatened by them. All of them. Sometimes learning to accept the feelings automatically makes them less insistent, and they dissolve away. Awesome freedom can be born of acceptance of self and all that goes with it.

 I am hopeful that working this way, you will begin to feel more

·      centered in your own life

·      at greater peace with yourself and your past

·      happy

·      hopeful

Please call or email me for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation or book an appointment.I foster a warm, nonjudgmental environment in a homey space that allows you to feel safe and hopeful.  There is always a solution. Sessions are always tailored to individual needs. Sometimes listening and understanding dynamics with others or within yourself is helpful. Sometimes a supportive plan of action emerges.  The pace and agenda remains yours. 

If you don't see your needs addressed on this site, please contact me to talk directly.


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