Alcoholism and addiction:  I can HELP if you are struggling, or if a someone you love is struggling.

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"Cunning, baffling, powerful."

These are words used to describe alcoholism, "the only disease that tells you you don't have a disease". It can be very hard to understand addiction of any sort, whether you are the one suffering, or it is your loved one. I can help! I have worked for 30+ years with people in the alcoholism and drug addiction recovery community. If you are struggling with an addiction or think you might be, reach out. (973) 907 -4755

I can help you understand the baffling dynamics of alcoholism and addiction, understand how you found yourself here and how to get out of the powerful trap that is addiction.  You aren't alone.  Try not to believe the voice that tells you you are alone and there is no hope.  It isn't true.  My work with people struggling with addiction and alcoholism, either newly in recovery or in long term recovery, includes understanding the triggers, pains and pitfalls both outside and inside ourselves.  A memory can be as big a trigger as a bar.  Awareness, insight and support can go a long way in cultivating willingness to stay clean and sober.

I also help families impacted by a loved one's addiction.  There is hope.  You also don't have to be alone.  I can guide you in understanding and navigating this very tricky and painful situation, sometimes referred to as “codependency”.  You can return to hope and serenity whether your loved one is active in their addiction or in recovery.

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