Families, Teens/Children:



Raising a family can be hard!

Much harder than most of us anticipated. And many of us didn't imagine or plan for the problems that our child or family has had to face. It's humbling, but we don't have to know everything.

I happily work with children as young as 4 years old through young adulthood. For families with challenges with younger children, I offer strong parenting support and solutions. I am passionate about helping parents find solutions to their upset and stresses and get back to loving their kids.

My extensive work in schools allows me to offer families and youth particular insights for working with schools and children/teens including but not limited to anxiety, illnesses and home instruction, difficulty managing emotions, addiction, depression, ADHD, learning disorders, special education, bullying (the victim or the “bully”), Asperger’s and other school-related challenges.

Call 973-907-4755 or email me at Patience.Moore@NYU.edu to arrange an appointment and a FREE 15 minute consultation.

In conjunction with my private practice, I have worked as a social worker in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools as a Child Study Team Member, Clinician, Anti-Bullying Specialist and Risk Assessor.  I know how schools work and how to help you communicate and navigate relationships with administrators and teachers to best benefit and support your children.  I am also available to attend and offer support and advocacy at school meetings as well as speak to teachers or administration.

By working with the child or teen as well as with parents or guardians, we can gain insights on the difficulties and repetitive dynamics; and learn new solutions that lead to relieving changes. 

Along with the experience years of working with families and youth, I am specially trained and practiced in bringing mindfulness-based stress reduction to children teens, families and adults.  This is a modality that has been found to help with lowering stress, anxiety, and helping in attention, affect management and centering.

Contact me: (973) 907-4755 FREE 15 minute consultation or email: Patience.Moore@NYU.edu