“Breathe Your Way Back” Mindfulness Workshops



I’d love to bring “Breathe Your Way Back” mindfulness workshop to your school, PTAs, support group, private home or company!

I am an engaging presenter and love public speaking. I can provide interactive meditation workshops and teachings as well as more of a lecture/presentation format in many areas of interest including but not limited to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (as it relates to ADHD, Anxiety, Parenting, families, schools), LGBTQ in families and schools, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction/Alcoholism. Subject, format and presentation style can vary and so is worked out in a very individualized way with each client.

Past clients include:

Divinity Foundation , Kenya, Africa, (pictured - www.divinityfoundation.org)                              

Maplewood/South Orange School District                                                                                                  Maplewood/South Orange Special Education Summer sessions                                                                           Scotch Plains/Fanwood student education                                                                                                               Verona High School staff professional development                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Family Connections staff professional development

Contact me: (973) 907-4755 FREE 15 minute consultation or email: Patience.Moore@NYU.edu